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End of Year Reflections

Out with the old, in with the new! As we enter another year, I urge you to engage in profound introspection regarding your personal journey and the challenges and triumphs you have faced this year. Instead of subscribing to the customary practice of New Year’s resolutions, I like to encourage introspective reflection. Consider the implications inherent in the very concept of resolution itself - the act of solving something. Our journey to self awareness and authenticity is mevwe complete! Our possibilities of self discovery has no bound or limit. If you prefer to stick to your resolutions, consider this; how can we even arrive at a resolution without deliberate contemplation and reflection?!

I present to you, the opportunity to delve deep within yourselves to explore the nuances of your experiences, and to glean wisdom and growth from them! Here are 14 journaling prompts to encourage honest self-reflection as we move into 2024.

These prompts are designed to inspire deep self-reflection. Feel free to take your time and answer them honestly as you explore your personal journey throughout the year!

1. What are three accomplishments that you are most proud of this year, and why?

2. In what areas did you struggle the most this year, and what lessons did you learn from those challenges?

3. How have your personal values evolved or become clearer throughout this year?

4. How has your self-perception evolved this year, and what role has self-compassion played in your journey of self-discovery?

5. Reflect on a time this year when you felt a deep sense of self-worth. What were the circumstances, and how did it impact you?

6. Consider a belief or mindset that you hold about yourself that no longer serves your growth. How can you challenge or reframe this belief to empower yourself?

7. Reflect on a specific fear or insecurity that held you back this year. What steps can you take to confront or overcome it in the coming year?

8. Reflect on a time this year when you felt completely aligned with your purpose or passions. How did that experience influence your sense of fulfillment and meaning?

9. Reflect on any major shifts in your relationships with family, friends, or intimate partners. How have they influenced your personal growth?

10. Identify a recurring negative pattern or belief that held you back this year, and consider how you can challenge or change it moving forward.

11. How have your priorities shifted over the course of this year, and what influenced those changes?

12. Reflect on a habit or behavior that you would like to release or change in the coming year. How will letting go of this serve your personal growth and well-being?

13. Reflect on a time when you felt most inspired or motivated this year. What inspired you, and how did it impact your personal growth?

14. Describe an experience that forced you to step outside of your comfort zone. How did you feel before, during, and after, and what did you learn?

Happy New Year!

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